1933, Bronze

The Slavonic god Svan­tovit evokes holi­ness and wis­dom.  His four heads fac­ing north, south, east and west con­tain all of the knowl­edge that he has amassed to rule the four cor­ners of the earth.  Svan­tovit sits astride his horse, car­ry­ing a sword for jus­tice and a horn through which he utters prophesies.


Cycle of the Tree/Zivena

1945, Mixed Media

The Slavonic god­dess of life, Zivena was carved by Polasek at the age of 66, from a piece of apple wood taken from his home town in Moravia. The god­dess grows from the trunk of an apple tree; birds seek shel­ter in her boughs and fruit is plen­ti­ful. Zivena’s crown is life’s most rec­og­niz­able sym­bol, the sun. The crown is trans­formed in the rear, now depict­ing the moon and stars, while her hair resem­bles flow­ing water.



1920, Bronze

Polasek’s favorite mytho­log­i­cal char­ac­ter was the Greek god Pan, son of Her­mes and a nymph. Half goat and half man, Pan lived in the for­est play­ing a syrinx (pan­pipe) and mak­ing mis­chief. Polasek cre­ated 26 small faces of Pan, which are hid­den through­out the Museum prop­erty in pedestals, foun­tains and doorways.